Dog Eats Fox Alive!

Sorry about the title. Almost makes me want to say “Made you look!”

But if my co-bloggers here can post pictures of cats and other cute animals, I can post pictures of cute animals.

This is Pepper (I may have had her pic up here before). She used to come up on my back deck and gaze out over the hillside where she and her brother Toot lived and played. (More pics of Pepper and other beasties HERE.)

I thought of her today when I saw this video. You may not know it, but red foxes just may be the most beautiful critters inside fur. I call ’em “jewelry that walks around on four legs.”

Which is why I loved this video: Continue reading “Dog Eats Fox Alive!”

God Comes Knocking … Via Spam

Suppose you put a sign up on your house that said in big bold letters, “No Christian Evangelists, Please” — but a sales-pitchy Christian showed up at your door with a stack of Bibles and Chick Tracts.

How would you feel about that?

Annoyed, right? Okay, but since you’re a nice person, you’d send them away with no harsh words, offering instead a simple, “We’re not interested.”

You’d talk about it after with atheist friends, but that would be pretty much the end of it. You’d hope. Continue reading “God Comes Knocking … Via Spam”

Visits from Dead People — Part 2

[ Continued from Visits from Dead People — Part 1 ]

Another thing I figured out: There’s room in your head for more than just you.

I even wrote a story – okay, part of a story – about it one time. I figured that if multiple personality is really a thing – meaning that if there are real people out there with multiple personality as a disease, and sort of by accident – why couldn’t there be people who did it on purpose, and used it as an asset? Monday through Friday, you could be Dr. Kensington Braithwaite III, but on weekends you could be Billy Bob Harley. Not just those people as you imagined them to be, as you acted them out, but the real people – the one guy who had little or no memory of the other one, and vice versa ditto.   Continue reading “Visits from Dead People — Part 2”

“Your Ass Is Mine!” Say Relentless Brick Snakes

You don’t have a hope in hell of escape.

Barricade yourself behind thick walls in brick buildings, the snakes will find you. They will get to you. They will show you no mercy. While you sleep, their patient, unceasing pursuit of your tender flesh will go on.

This is what you have bought, sacrilegious faithless humans! Upsetting God’s natural order, risking His Awesome Wrath, you have driven the rapid evolution of deadly Geometric Brick Snakes! Continue reading ““Your Ass Is Mine!” Say Relentless Brick Snakes”

One in Five Americans Stricken With Crippling Mental Illness

Well, it’s a crippling mental illness if you’re a religious authority. Otherwise, it’s Freedom.

Nones Climb to 19 Percent

America’s “Nones” — the nonreligious — are at an all-time high, now comprising nearly one in five Americans (19%), according to a new study by the Pew Center for the People and the Press. The 19% count is based on aggregated surveys of 19,377 people conducted by the Pew Research Center throughout 2011 and reported by USA Today. Continue reading “One in Five Americans Stricken With Crippling Mental Illness”