An Atheist’s Thanks Giving

Thanks to PZ Myers of Pharyngula, and all the great commenters tatheists.jpghere.

Thanks to Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov, Terry Pratchett and Richard Dawkins. Thanks to Ray Bradbury, and Robert Heinlein, Anne McCaffrey and Diane Duane, George Chesbro and Jim Butcher. Thanks to David Brin and Larry Niven. Thanks to Robert Service and Mark Twain. Thanks to Arthur C. Clarke, and to Chris Clarke.

And what the hell, thanks to Stan Lee, and Siegel and Shuster! Thanks to Bill Watterson, Berkely Breathed, and Walt Kelly.

Thanks to Mrs. Nicholas who took my friend Johnny and I to the library every Saturday when I was a kid. Thanks to Miss King, geometry teacher, who taught me that sometimes there really is only one right answer. Thanks to my “dad,” Dan Farris, for the years of tolerance, and to Lou and Mary Roeser, for the years in the saddle.

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One More Day.


I’m sooooo happy to be voting Tuesday, here in the U.S.

For Barack Obama, in case you wondered.

I kept a promise to myself, some of you may be unhappy to hear, that I would never donate another dollar to the Democratic Party, after they failed to impeach George W. Bush. Which is the ONE thing I wanted in the 2006 election cycle.

But oh, yeah, Obama gets my one little vote.

I’m so tired of Republicans. Ready for as much change as the Dems can manage.

And I still hope for some prosecutions. Heck, I still think we could SELL Bush to the Iraqis for a year’s worth of free oil. Considering how many other people Bush has sacrificed, I’d think Bush would be proud to finally show his American stripes and sacrifice himself. Talk about service to your country!

And there’s no worry about national secrets getting out, even if they torture him. I mean, it’s not like Bush KNOWS anything.

I still think he’ll go back to Crawford, Texas, and open a tire store. And then fail at it.

Seriously, here’s something I do expect, if I bother to follow Bush’s career post-presidency: Beyond giving a few speeches, he will accomplish exactly nothing of note. I doubt if he’ll even show an INTEREST in anything. For the rest of his life.