White Whine in the Sunset

I’m not liking the fact that the Trump candidacy has set off this sneering assault on White Men.

Yeah, I get it that there are a certain number of Trump supporters — “white” men — out there who are making some bad decisions this election cycle.

But there are a lot of OTHER white men — I suspect a majority — who are kind, decent, intelligent, diligent, respectful, generous and caring. I know a LOT of them. (This does not mean they will agree with you on every possible thing you believe, or support everything you support.)

There’s a thing that happens with every catastrophe, where one or more people leap instantly on stage and attempt to USE the tragedy to sell their own position.

Horrible deadly tornado? —Gays caused it.
Economic meltdown? —Tax and spend Democrats.
Deadly plague? —Atheists.
Sept. 11? —Squishy liberals who want to destroy this nation.

The Trump presidential campaign? —Oh, that’s because of racist, misogynist WHITE MEN.

This is the kind of thing someone with their own agenda — quite different from the central issue — would say.

I have yet to hear anybody say SOME white men, or CONSERVATIVE white men, or even THOSE PARTICULAR white men, the ones who actually support Donald Trump.

Oh no, this is WHITE MEN — ALL white men.

You know, the way ALL Muslims are terrorists.

So just watch where you fire those rhetorical bullets, okay? Some of us are standing out here in the target area.

  • igotbanned999

    I’ve only heard people saying it’s the fault of racists and conservatives, not all white men.

    • Annerdr

      Yeah, when it’s come up in my home, it’s been Tea Partiers. I’m married to a white man who is a fiscal conservative, but even he won’t vote for Trump.

  • ZenDruid

    I understand that the majority of white male Trump supporters are “less educated.”

    • yazikus

      My county republicans conducted a poll a few months back to see what people were thinking about Trump. They had assumed as well that the less-educated, ‘low information’ voters would prefer him but their survey yielded surprising results. The most well educated, wealthy, professional republicans were early adopters of Trump support. My theory is that they are insulated from most, if not all, of the negative effects of a potential Trump presidency they are voting for entertainment value.

  • Anders Ryndel

    A majority of white men support Trump, like two thirds. To say that white men in general supports Trump is accurate. That is about the only group Trump has. I mean, where did you think Trump’s polling numbers (that even now are trailing mostly less than 10 points) come from? If you leave out any demographic that Trump hasn’t repeatedly insulted, white men is about the only thing you’re left with.

    It is embarassing to share demographc properties with such a group, but understand that it is you who is in the minority among white men.

    • Hank Simpson

      So, 16-year-old white men? College educated white men? White collar workers? Environmentalists? White men in New York and California, Vermont and Florida? All the white men who ignore politics and don’t vote? All the white men who think Fox News is a Joke? Ex-military white men who’ve heard no military leader thinks Trump is fit for office?

      I doubt a MAJORITY of U.S. “white men” support Trump.

      • Polling suggests otherwise.


        65% of white males supporting Trump, and among white male college graduates he’s 11 points ahead of Clinton.

        Still, I agree with your opposition to making broad generalizations about people based on their membership of some demographic group.

        Probably some people are going to infer from the polling data that white guys are generally horrible evil bastards, and we can make the world better simply by giving their own preferred demographic/cultural group more power. Since that’s not pessimistic enough for me, I instead assume that 65% of every demographic group is composed of people who would vote for someone as obviously stupid as Trump, if he appealed to their own subculture’s prejudices and fears. (Actually a lot more than 65%; really we should be looking at the percentage of white males living in rural areas and small towns, since that’s the demographic Trump is trying to appeal to.)

        In other words, I don’t judge people based on whether they’re white and male. I take white men as being an approximately representative sample of what you can get any group of humans to do, and I therefore have equal contempt for people of all races and genders.

  • Anne Fenwick

    It seems that among white people in general, education is what makes the difference between supporting Clinton and supporting Trump. Generally, people have deserted Trump as and when he started insulting him. I suspect education is part of what allows the people he hasn’t insulted to be disgusted by him on other people’s behalf, or to be even more disgusted if they caught flack too. In other words, I think you’re right. Gender and race are the media’s go-tos. Education may be more relevant, especially among the large white voter demographic, but talking about education is trickier because it’s all elitist and privileged (whose fault is it that education is a privilege?) Meanwhile ignorance, like poverty, is a major social problem and produces voters who can’t even evaluate their own interests, let alone other people’s.

    Sadly, Trump’s support among less educated older white women is still quite high as well. Reproductive rights and systematic sexual predation are no longer their problem I take it? I know that feeling, I’m pleased to say, but it’s no excuse for selling out our daughters.

  • Anri

    I would tend to add the additional modifiers “Christian”and “cis het”.

    But ok, what other demographics are the target of Trump’s message?
    And what other demographics are responding?

    • Annerdr

      Well, he’s alienated women, people of color, immigrants, non-Christian, and LGBT people, so there’s not much left.

  • Aegis

    At the risk of skirting ableism, it seems to be the Indignant Dumbshit White Man who’s the real target audience for Trump. The key variable appears to be how well someone understands the world around them.

  • yazikus

    Having just returned from Trump/Pence sign country, (almost every single house, and fancy, big, well made signs)I would say this: it would be foolish to think Trump will be solely elected by white, racist, misogynistic men. He’ll be elected by wealthy white women, some minorities, and people who are economically depressed and under educated with no sense of hope about tomorrow. He’ll be elected by those who live in fear of Muslim terrorists, and those who think bootstraps will be their salvation. He’ll be elected by those who identify as ‘pro-life’, because he uttered the magic words about babies being ripped from wombs one day before delivery. He’ll be elected by evangelical faithfuls who listed to their leaders such as Franklin Graham. He’ll be elected by people who think giving rights to LGBTQ folks will mean they lose theirs. He’ll be elected by those who yearn for some imaginary time in the past where life for them would have been easier. I’m not so naive as to assume this election is in the bag for Clinton, and we need to remember that the people supporting Trump are just that- people.

    • Machintelligence

      I doubt that he will be elected, but a lot of his supporters would vote for a turnip if it had an “R” after its name.

      • yazikus

        Turnips are delighful and underappreciated. The antithesis of trump. Turnip/Celariac 2020!

  • This white (Norse) man voted (vote-by-mail is underway in Oregon) for Clinton.

  • yazikus

    Hank- do you have an email that people can contact you with?

  • MiniMeme

    Those DT voters wanted RICHES!
    DT make us all RICH!
    Don’t deny it.

    ps (I want some too)
    pps (am not American tho)