Surprise! —Trump Supporter Dishonesty

I saw this on Facebook.

Hillary FBI meme

I replied to it:

1) Nobody is “rigging” an election. If that were possible, don’t you think the Democrats would CONTROL Congress? (Also, “the fix” is not in for the Clintons. If the fix was in, they never would have impeached Bill Clinton.)

2) The FBI is not “reopening an investigation into Clinton.” The messages were neither sent by nor received by Clinton, did not appear on any computers used by Clinton, did not involve Clinton, and contained no classified info

About every 3 days during this election cycle, a new “story” has appeared, trumpeting >>> THIS IS IT!!! THE SMOKING GUN THAT WILL BRING HILLARY CLINTON DOWN!!!! <<<

… and NOT ONE of those stories has turned out to be anything other than smears and innuendo. Hateful lies.

Listen carefully: The GOP hates Hillary Clinton with a blinding passion. During the 25 or so years they’ve been after her, they have controlled the Senate, the House, the White House or all three for some substantial portion of the time. She’s been accused of everything from murder to selling off American parks to the Russians.

IF IF IF there was anything they could have nailed her on — hell, jaywalking, a simple parking ticket — SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN INDICTED.

The fact that she hasn’t even been charged with anything in all those years, with all those breathless stories about her supposed crimes, is just about rock-solid proof that there have been precisely zero illegal acts.

You’re letting people lie to you — over and over and OVER. Doesn’t that bother you?

Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president. She’s going to beat Donald Trump by a wide margin BECAUSE MORE AMERICANS ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR HER.

Including me. I will be so glad when this election is over and Hillary Clinton is president.

The replies were … typical. Here’s one, by the woman who posted the pic:

LOL was the only response I could muster knowing that when you’re that far gone, there’s no helping you anyway.. But I still find a bit of humor in it.

1. I think he’s a troll.

2. “he” might not even be a he.

3. Only a Hillary supporter has enough time in a working man’s day to write a big long essay like that… On Facebook… On someone’s Facebook who they don’t even know or are friends with. I guess he’s trying to get her in office so his welfare check doesn’t get cut off.

4. I’m not stating my political stance either way, and I’m not here for a debate. I simply found a bit of humor here and decided to share it..So, my most serious question… What kind of person takes a meme so.. seriously!

I wrote a reply:

First, regarding the “big long essay”: I’m a professional writer and editor, and this “big long essay” took very little time.

Second, regarding writing during a “working man’s day”: This was on a Saturday, my day off. I worked on my house, climbing under it and repairing some insulation. I also installed a towel rack in the bathroom and did laundry. Went out to eat. And still had time to write this “big long essay.”

Third, my “welfare check”: I’m 64 years old and have been working — often in blue collar jobs — since I was about 16. Still waiting on that big, sweet welfare check.

Next, that big long essay “on someone’s Facebook who they don’t even know or are friends with.” Besides the fact that it showed up on my own Facebook wall, making it fair game for a reply … lies are lies, and you have to fight them wherever you find them. Otherwise you and everybody you know will have to live in the world they create.

Finally, I don’t get the bit about me being a troll, or “he might not even be a he.” That’s some serious Way Out Of Left Field shit.

A bit later, I added,

Take note that my reply contained facts and solid political analysis, but that all the responses contained nothing but personal attacks. Not one of you made any attempt to refute my reply. Instead you went straight for the insults. Which sort of implies you’re not able to argue with any of it, right?

I came back later to see if there were any replies. My reply had been deleted. I wrote:

I notice you’ve learned to delete replies that embarrass you.

Came back later and that had been deleted too.

  • Michael Neville

    Came back later and that had been deleted too.

    Why is nobody surprised?

    • Odd Jørgensen

      Only surprise is she didn`t hit the block option. Maybe that was too techy for her?

  • Jim Jones

    Retards gotta retard. Otherwise the Repugs would get no votes.

  • Machintelligence

    One might think that, “Wolf!” having been cried lo these many times, the conservatives would stop falling for it. But no; if it tickles their ears, they will believe it. All of the Trump chumps can be fooled all of the time.

  • epeeist

    The fact that she hasn’t even been charged with anything in all those years, with all those breathless stories about her supposed crimes, is just about rock-solid proof that there have been precisely zero illegal acts.

    NO, it is obviously a conspiracy. Killary obviously has control over the FBI and the Department of Justice and has been abel to BLACKMAIL them into not puting her on trial for HER CRIMES. She and her frients in the METRIPOLITAN ELITE all the ATHEISTS and SOCIALISTS along witht the LIBERAL MEDIA have stopped Crooked Hillary from GOING TO JAIL!!!

    (Are there enough spelling mistakes and words in capital letters in this or do I need to add more? Should I have added an explicit message in favour of The Donald?)

    • yazikus

      You didn’t mention jade helm, agenda 21 or Vince Foster. Needs moar caps, as well.

  • yazikus

    Is the picture supposed to be of Clinton’s alleged body double?

  • Beth Clarkson

    While voter fraud isn’t a big problem or likely to affect the election result, there are a lot of other ways to rig an election. The U.S.A. is actually very vulnerable to election rigging because we don’t have a transparent or secure process. Perhaps even worse that being vulnerable is the fact that we don’t have the capability to tell if results were rigged.

    • Ladislav Din

      The Democratic primary was certainly tainted, if not flat out rigged. We now have evidence, for example, that both the Chair of the DNC (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) and Vice Chair (Donna Brazille) where corrupt Hillary activists. At the state level, contorted rules did much to give Hillary, as the Corporatist political establishment candidate, an advantage (e.g. delegate rules in Iowa, Democratic primary registration rules in NY).

      The result was the worst, least honest and trustworthy, least appealing/liked, least able Democratic nominee in history, the only politician who could actually LOSE to Donald Trump, for crying out loud. BIG money, the DNC and the Democratic party establishment helped elect Trump. What a mess.

      • Hank Fox

        Ha. Yeah, they rigged that thing. Totally. Trying to get a candidate who stands a chance of getting elected, that’s soooo dishonest.

        Also, Hillary was the corporatist political establishment candidate? Have you SEEN who Trump’s picking to help run the government?

        Also-also, bullshit. Hillary’s one big weakness was the tidal wave of lies aimed at her, and the fools who believed them.

        But hey, getting almost 3 million more votes despite that, what a loser.

  • “Take note that my reply contained facts and solid political analysis…”

    You deleted one of my posts, about which I felt the same way.