The Hillary Campaign. No, the OTHER Hillary Campaign.

HitleryAs a lifelong wordsmith, I notice the nuances of language — how the words are used, and the sometimes hidden implications behind them.

So I think you should read this:

The Great American Brainwash: Half a Billion Dollars to Turn the Public against Hillary

For some years now, I’ve watched this thing happening out in full public view, wave after wave of attacks on Hillary Clinton. I figured out eventually that there was something deliberate behind it. I didn’t know who, exactly, was doing it, but I had no doubt there was some one person or conservative group operating a coordinated campaign to — metaphorically — assassinate her.

There were no solid claims to wrongdoing, it was more of a whisper campaign. Accusation after accusation, most of them baseless. But it never stopped, never let up.

And I saw the effects. People I knew very well — even Democrats! — were repeating that Hillary was untrustworthy, deceitful, slick, calculating, over-ambitious, cold. Facts supporting those evaluations were thin on the ground, but it didn’t really seem to matter. Once you believed the STORY, you could link her to ANYTHING. Benghazi, emails, selling U.S. uranium to the Russians, murder, laughing about getting a rapist off. No claim was too absurd, no link too remote. She was Killary, Shrillery, Hitlery. The vicious bitch she was, that was something people just KNEW.

Except *I* didn’t know it. For a while I kept digging for the factual grounding on each new claim, but once I figured out the facts didn’t matter, that the thing wasn’t really even about facts, I flipped around and automatically discounted every new claim and story UNLESS there was some sound corroborative evidence. Which there never was.

The whole thing was like … well, like the girl you might have known in junior high school that everybody said was a stinking slut, but you knew her personally and knew she wasn’t anything like that. But you couldn’t get anyone to actually listen to you, because the very act of defending her made YOU smell bad.

My view of Hillary Clinton is based on quite a number of things, but ONE of those things is the fact that this vicious whisper campaign exists. The second I notice a multi-million-dollar ad campaign, that’s the second I start to trust the product less. The product of “Hillary Clinton — Cold, Calculating, Murderous Bitch” is just not something I’m willing to buy.

In the deepest part of me, I know I can’t trust a product sold through lies and emotional manipulation. If you’re manipulating people with flummery and falsehood, if you’re trying to manipulate ME with fear and rage and paranoia, you are SO not someone I want to listen to.

One last thing I’ve said many times:

Fact 1: The GOP hates Hillary Clinton with a blinding passion.

Fact 2: In the years Hillary has been in the crosshairs, the GOP has controlled the White House or Congress or BOTH for some large fraction of that time.

Fact 3: IF IF IF Hillary had done something illegal — even arguably illegal — she would have been arrested and indicted so fast it would make the Roadrunner’s head spin. Even if the charges were flimsy, she WOULD HAVE BEEN charged. And we all know it.

Fact 4: If she hasn’t been charged with something, with anything, it’s not because the fix is in. Read Fact 2 again — the GOP would have pounced on her like a pit bull on a Christmas ham. —It’s because THERE’S NOTHING THERE.

That goes for all the non-criminal accusations. You think she got those four men killed in Benghazi? Well, you’re wrong, for many reasons. You think she conveyed classified information via email? Wrong again. You think she laughed when she got a rapist off early in her legal career? No. Sold uranium to the Russians? Uh-uh. Had her license to practice law taken away? Nope.

What she is, is this: She’s a woman who’s just about to break through the highest glass ceiling. A lot of people don’t like that, not for any reason of fact, but because she’s a woman who’s just about to break through the highest glass ceiling.

But I happen to like that.

I like it quite a lot.

The fact that she’s qualified, WAY qualified, that doesn’t hurt either.

I’m not voting for her because she’s less horrible than Donald Trump. I’m voting for her because she’s good all on her own.

  • 3vil5triker .

    I think this comment I made elsewhere months ago is appropriate:
    To be honest, I think Hillary would make a good president. In the greater scheme of things, I view many of her actions, even ones I don’t agree with, as the price of doing business in Washington; as the saying goes, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    Maybe it is unfair, in a sense, to match her up against Sanders. The downside of her chosen political path is that it sacrifices a certain amount of ideological freedom in order to make it to the top within that environment. Its also very likely that gender plays a role in amplifying that pressure as well.

    Unfortunately, she is ultimately a product of the system. We might do okay under a Clinton presidency, but I want more than that. I don’t want us to just survive, I want us to thrive. I want us to reach new heights, to re-define new normals, to make the “radical” ideas of today: healthcare, education and economic opportunities for everybody, become the no-brainers of tomorrow.

    But if that doesn’t come to pass, at the very least, I hope that a present Sanders candidacy paves the way for a future Warren presidency.

  • igotbanned999

    She did use a private email server for government business which was illegal though

    • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

      Nope. It’s illegal NOW…at the time it was just against State Department policy.

      And considering that SecsState Rice & Powell had used *commercial* email services for equivalent email (much more prone to hacking), I don’t have a problem with that.

      • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

        Lib girly-men like you have got HIllary’s back. Fight the smears!

    • Raging Bee

      Then how come no one else who committed the same “crime” even got criticized for it, let alone punished?

  • With all the international and domestic experience Hillary has accumulated, I, too, feel that she is far and away the most qualified candidate we ever had to lead the people of this country in an upward, enlightening direction. But we absolutely MUST elect a democratic support team to back her in her quest to even up the disparity that exists. I hope her alliance with Elizabeth Warren fills in the chinks in Hillary’s armour (?).Why doesn’t that look right?!