Reason Riders Are Really Real

You know about my horseback career, I’m sure. But way back when (and still more in the future, I hope!)  I also used to ride motorcycles. Had three of them and rode year-round, as my sole transportation, for several years.

Remember this post? Hey, Where’s OUR Motorcycle Gang?

I posted my mockup of a possible back-patch for atheist riders, and demanded that I be given a charter membership if anyone ran with it.

Someone did!

Pierino Walker sent me an email a while back (I’ve been a while getting to it; sorry Pierino):

It all started with the concept that you came up with initially and I count you as one of the founders. If you would still like some patches let me know where to send them. I just want show the world that we, as atheists, agnostics and non-believers of all types occupy all facets of life. I am starting this club to show that we enjoy fun, the outdoors, adventure and riding just like other people do, but without Hell or Angels or skulls blazing across our backs.

I just want fellow non-believers to come together as a group and ride down the coastline or ride out to Reno or wherever we as a collective decide to go. I feel it’s necessary to show that freethinkers aren’t just a bunch of angry people sitting around plotting to somehow overthrow religion. I look forward to riding with my fellow like-minded bikers.

If anyone outside of my general area would like to be a part of Reason Riders in their own location, they are free to use the Reason Riders emblem. Anyone can get the patches through me, and if you ride with us, all the better! We’ll keep track of the numbers wearing the patch, wherever they ride. There are only five of us right now but that’s enough to get things started and I hope it grows beyond that.

As Pierino notes, my original design with the Darwin inset would have been too expense and complex. His design is a great improvement.

These are small, 4 inches across, more suitable to an arm or front patch than a big back patch. I sort of wish the name line  was a bit bolder, readable from a greater distance. But still, pretty sweet, yes?

If you want one, or want to contact him for more information, email Pierino, who lives in northern California — really GOOD riding country — at:

ktown1213 [at] gmail [dot] com

On my end:

Patches – check. Pierino sent me TWO.

Motorcycle … still working on that little detail. (But then, I have the entire winter to get it worked out.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a spring ride together in your area? Cruising down the highway, proudly displaying your colors? Oh yeah, count me in.