Occupy Wall Street 2

En Tequila Es Verdad has the story, so I’ll just flash the pertinent pic at you:



The guy with the pepper spray is allegedly UC Davis Police Lieutenant John Pike.

Lieutenant John Pike

Yeah, I know lots of people will say this is taken out of context. We only see what APPEARS to be uncalled-for brutality against unarmed college students. And hey, it is non-lethal, so Pike and the UC Davis hierarchy probably thinks he displayed admirable restraint.

So we can’t say for certain, of course. I apologize for the following strong sentiments to the couple of police officers I know personally, but it APPEARS that Pike is a disgrace to the uniform. In fact, I’d have to say that it APPEARS that he’s a gutless little piece of filth.

Shame on you, UC Davis. If I was a parent with a college-age kid, or a young man or woman thinking of where to go for higher education, UCD would now be on the utter bottom of my list.

Donors: Boycott UCD

I hope anyone thinking of a bequest to UCD or the University of California generally, will call the UC President or the UCD Chancellor and tell them you’re holding off on the gift until John Pike is off the force.