Hwd Video Sux — but that’s just my subjective opinion.

I was in one of those video stores tonight to return a movie. I rented “Cars” a few days back. I was in the mood for an animated story, and Cars fit the mood.

Took it home to play it, got about 20 minutes or so into the movie and the scene froze. Nothing I could do would make it work. It did have a scratch on the shiny side, but it didn’t look that bad. But apparently that one scratch was enough to bollix up the laser thingie. I went “eh” and figured I’d return it and get a refund.

Turns out Hwd Video, according to the well-trained corporate-ette in the store, will give you only this very special “refund” — they’ll give you a credit which is good ONLY for that specific movie. In other words, they’d give me another copy of Cars.

She explained it to me: “Because otherwise, you could get to watch another movie for free.” Left me gaping. Huh?

I ended up getting a little hot about it when she failed to understand my point about the refund. First, I gave them good money for this video. The video didn’t work. I brought it back. I didn’t WANT another copy of Cars. I was in the mood to see Cars last night, but not tonight. I wanted the money. Or at least a credit I could use LIKE money, to get whatever other video I might choose.

Final result of all that eloquence: Blank look. I’m SOL.

It was 15 minutes after I left the store before I understood what SHE was saying:

At Hwd Video, I’m a suspect. They couldn’t possibly trust me not to be scamming them. It’s the policy of Customer As Enemy. 

Obviously, I had watched the DVD. Sly me, I’d brought it back, smirking like a cartoon villain and rubbing my hands together at the thought that with one small lie about this malfunction, I’d get a FREE VIDEO! Hahaaa! And then maybe after I went home and watched it, I’d spend some time on my nefarious dream to Rule The World.

Well, at least I know I won’t be back there. The interesting thing is, I’m going to this particular Hwd Video for this one reason: The location closer to my house closed.

Interesting, yes. Surprising? Hmm.

Oh, yeah: As I was leaving, the other young clerk passed me with the DVD, apparently headed for the shelves. Was he putting it back on the rack to get it nice and ready for the next customer? Looked like it to me.