Day 14 – Too Much Hank

Weighed myself at the gym today, and I’m down about 8 pounds. So I’m losing about four pounds a week. Is that good?

I know I feel different. My workout today really felt good — I powered through it, and upped several of my weights for next session. I can really feel the mass difference in my arms and shoulders. That 8 pounds is 8 pounds even with this increase in muscle mass, so I think I’m down a good 10 pounds, if we’re just counting padding.

Lying on my side in bed reading, I can see my belly is noticeably reduced. Before, it was like there were two of us in bed, me and my belly, side by side, but now it’s just me. And I’m glad, because he always hogged the covers, and snored. 

I continue to feel brighter and more alert than I did before I started all this. One of my lifelong experiences is that I wake up in the morning fairly often with an interesting new idea in my head, a complete package of concepts that, if it’s a piece of writing, is the whole piece of writing, and not just part of it.

For the past year or two, that hasn’t happened much at all. But yesterday morning was one of those idea mornings. I had this very cool concept in my head when I woke up, something I’m pretty sure I’m going to do something with. I’ve already set the first steps of the thing in motion, and I might just announce it here in a few weeks.

I’m under permanent orders from my doctor to take an acid blocker every day, and I’ve never been quite happy with that. I mean, I’m happy not to have the acid, but I hate taking medicine because all of it has side effects, and I worry. Before I started this fitness project, I fancied I’d be able to wean myself off the anti-acid medication. So I stopped taking it yesterday. And today … whoa. Acid City. So apparently whatever tune-up effect I was expecting from eating better and getting exercise has not yet worked its way to my stomach.