Trump’s Latest and The Mob Response

Trump3I’m interested in this latest development in the Trump saga. Some part of me appears convinced this is the end for Trump, because I’m actually feeling a little bit sorry for him.

I mean, what’s happening is well-deserved and all, but … there’s something of the hapless, coddled child in him. I don’t think he’s bright enough to have known that one of the possible outcomes of all this — saying and doing the things he’s saying and doing, out in the blowtorch of public view — was his utter destruction. Meaning: Not just the loss of this political race, but the loss of his fortune and, potentially, even the loss of his freedom via a prison sentence. Not to mention the complete evaporation of respect for him, such that he becomes a living joke, so nobody will ever again do large-scale business with him. I have to doubt even Fox News would hire him after this; his brand is that damaged.

There’s another element I find slightly disturbing, though, and it’s the same thing Hillary’s faced for so many years — The Mob. In this case I don’t refer to any criminal organization, but to a mass of people acting in unison while consumed by blindingly powerful emotions — spitting visceral hate in both these cases — which overturn reason and produce instead an undiluted rage when the hated person prospers and a sort of furious glee when anything bad happens to him/her.

The Mob scares me. Not only do I never want to be part of it, it disturbs me when I see OTHERS caught up in it.

I’ve watched The Mob hate and lie about President Obama these past 7 years or so. I’ve watched it attack and attack and attack Hillary Clinton.

I got to see it up close and personal when I got sideways with a bunch of feminist bloggers a year or so back. I was completely flummoxed at watching people I knew personally — women and men I had formerly considered extremely rational — turn on each other with a viciousness I’d never witnessed. They would come after you in a screaming mass for using a single WORD they considered inappropriate. Thanks to them, I will never call myself a feminist — despite being completely in agreement on the subjects of women’s rights, equality, safety, health and choice.

Now I’m watching The Mob savage Donald Trump.

Don’t get me wrong — Trump is a nut who would pose an immense danger in the White House, and he has to be stopped.

But I don’t like that THIS is one of the prime tools by which it is being accomplished.

It makes me feel like I’m watching some very dangerous children at work, blindly wrecking things. Today they’re wrecking something I might want wrecked, but they will still be here tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, their need to wreck something perpetually unsatisfied, always looking for some new target.

  • Ol’ Hippy

    Humans have an ability when in a mob like crowd to behave as a collective force even if against one’s personal wishes. In junior high I was caught off guard and twice behaved in reprehensible ways which to this day I still regret. The mob can be an ugly place and I avoid crowds just because of this phenomena. Trump is effectively DOA as more people actually listen critically to what he actually says.

  • I can’t feel sorry for Trump. He’s a narcissistic, self-centered egomaniac who brought this on himself. Usually I’m right there with you when it comes to feeling sympathy for those on the receiving end of mob justice (eg: Obama and W), this is not one of those cases. For both Obama and W, whether you agree with them or not, I feel there was sincerity in their desire to serve their country. For Trump it’s an ego trip.

  • After every other time Trump’s said something offensive or stupid only to have everything blow over after a few days, I’ll be surprised if this is the one that makes a difference to the election. I don’t believe that it’s coming as a big shock to anyone that Trump is an arsehole, and that there’s huge numbers of people thinking “well I was going to vote for him before, but after the great surprise of hearing him say something inappropriate, I’ll change my vote”.

    Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong, and this will be the final straw that moves a lot of people away from the Trump camp. I wouldn’t bet on it though.

    • Hank Fox

      I think the fact that his own party — and some VERY prominent Republican personages — are fleeing from him is going to be significant.

      For instance, apparently the GOP has decided to cut its losses on Trump, saving its money for other battles:

      • Sheila C.

        I suspect they are partly doing it just because he is dropping in the polls. They’re beginning to suspect Trump is going to lose, and they don’t want to go down with him. This particular scandal is just the occasion for it. If he were polling well, they probably would have explained it away.

  • yazikus

    I’m not keen on a revolution for the same reasons. Humans have the capacity for many a great things, but they also have the capacity to fall into a mob mindset.

  • Frank G Turner

    To Hank Fox: have you ever seen “The Langoliers”?

    • Hank Fox

      Yes. Stephen King miniseries, right? People on an airplane trapped in an alternate dimension.

      • Frank G Turner

        Yes, your comments about a mob blindly wrecking things got me thinking of it. I would go into more detail bit that spoils the plot.
        I tend to wonder though if “The Mob” is just motivated by… well instinct, essentially.

  • Snowflake

    Do you still feel sorry after this past week?

  • Anri

    So, Trump faces financial problems because The Mob refuses to stay at his $500a-night hotels? Because the Mob won’t lose their (presumably not “hard earned” – The Mob are the bad guys) money to him at his casinos?

    Trump faces possible prosecution because The Mob has accused him of sexual harassment? Or is the The Mob who might – might – act on the charges?

    Trump has had six decades in which his personal repulsiveness have received nothing other than the fawning admiration of those around him (kept safely away from The Mob). His numerous financial decisions that would have left the vast majority of citizens (I mean The Mob, of course) abject beggars were cushioned with unearned money.

    I don’t feel sorry for Trump.
    The Mob isn’t smashing his life and legacy – he’s doing it himself. The Mob is just standing back and making commentary as he does it.

    One candidate has advocated actual mindless hate and violence, and hinted at a refusal to accept legitimate election outcomes
    That’s The Mob.