Tito: Two Years Gone

tito-snoozle.jpgI was lucky enough to know a Great Person. He also happened to be a dog. He lived with me for about 7 years, and then passed into the keeping of my friend Carl Buell who, if anything, took better care of him than I did. And probably loved him more.

But he was in my life in all those years, and worked his slow magic on me, opening me up more to the possibilities of feeling love. And if that sounds odd, the only way I can explain it is to say I had a peculiar childhood, and love wasn’t exactly the core curriculum. Mainly, I had to learn it later … and Tito, my beloved furry friend, was one of my teachers.

You never met anybody who was such a grand soul, so adventurous, so courageous in adversity and so fun-loving in his daily life. He was one of those rare ones with so much good stuff inside him that he enlarged you just to be around him.

Today, March 4, is two years since he died.

I miss him somethin’ fierce.