Starbucks, Part Deux: Chasing the Red Dot

Watch the video.

The cats are you and I. The guy holding the laser is the media. The red dot is the Starbucks coffee cup story.

I’m going to call them Red Dot Stories from now on.

They don’t mean anything. They’re not significant in any way. And yet we still leap excitedly to follow and talk about them. Just like cats, we allow ourselves to be jerked around by that irresistible fascination with the red dot.

  • Tobias 27772

    Very true – unless one of your focuses in life is to help mythology die as quick a death as possible.

  • Wookie Monster

    I tried to get my dog to chase the red dot. She wouldn’t fall for it. Cats are stupid.

    • dragontongue

      Not stupid. Different mentality altogether. But not stupid. 🙂

  • dragontongue

    Red dot stories. I like that.