Slight Damper on the Obama Victory

One of my old Texas friends sent me an email last night, titled “A Touch of Real Class,” showing 18 pictures of George W. Bush mixing and mugging with uniformed soldiers arriving at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. It ends with “And, tell me once again the name of the person in the White House who bad-mouths this man and his wife.” Jeezus.

(Inside scoop: I picked this photo out of all the others because of the young man’s crooked smile. I fancy it says “Yeah, yeah, I’m smiling on that side because my folks asked me to pose with the former Commander-in-Creep, but on THIS side I’m all ‘Dayyum, this dude makes my skin crawl!’ “)

You know, I’m overjoyed that Barack Obama won. On the other hand, THE LIES WORKED. They may not have worked enough, in this instance, but they worked, and they continue to work. My friends in Texas respect and even admire Bush. I have no doubt they voted for Romney, and consider Obama a Muslim and communist.

Fox News and the spitting, lying, right-wing talking heads are a cancer in the heart of America. We came close to having Mitt Romney as president because of them. But don’t ever think THEY have lost because Mitt Romney has. Somewhere behind the sad public face, they’re sitting back with cigars and cognac, envisioning the next few years.

We celebrate because our team won this one game. And yes, let’s do that. Because, hey, we DID win this one!

Booyah! Yes! Yes! Yes! Barack Obama is still the President! Kiss my naked hairy ass, Mitt, and don’t spare the tongue action!

But THEY celebrate because it’s just one more game in an entire season, and — having seen our strategy and best plays — they’re that much closer to winning the playoffs. Plus, their own fans, however dispirited for the moment, will be even more pumped up for future games.

Mitt’s loss of this presidential race will shore up viewership among the paranoid, frightened, angry sheep who watch and listen to them. They will continue to build on their success, feeding lies and conspiracies to their viewers and listeners, stirring up opposition and confusion, fear and anger, indefinitely into the future.

They’re doing it for the money and influence, and they’re not losing THAT game. So they have no reason to rest.

The battle goes on.