Photography Again

I take pictures. I guess that qualifies me to call myself a photographer. There’s a link on the top right of my home page that will take you to the ones I have posted on my Flickr site, Hank Fox Photos.

There’s a funny story I like to tell about how, early in my picture-taking career, I used to work so hard to get the exposure right, frame the picture perfectly, crop out all the extraneous bits in the scene, etc. — all the skill and knowledge thingies you have to do to get a really good photograph — and then somebody would say “Wow, that’s a great picture! You must have a really good camera!”

Which is bit like telling a writer who turns out a great book, “Wow, you must have a really good typewriter!”

But maybe they were even right. Because my main technique was something I learned at a Nikon School of Photography workshop: 1) Take LOTS of pictures. 2) Throw most of them away.

Flickr has this other wonderful site, Flickrvision, where you can see pictures as they’re posted, wherever they’re posted, all over the world.

This is mega-cool.