Philosophy for Two?

Ten points if you recognize the Monty Python reference in the title of this post.

But seriously, here’s something you don’t see every day, and it might be something you’d want very much.

Fellow blogger (Camels With Hammers) Dr. Daniel Fincke is once again offering real-time online video courses in philosophy for atheists:

Hammer Out Your Philosophy Face to Face with Dr. Daniel Fincke This Summer

They are ideal for our ex-believing atheist readers who would like to piece together a positive philosophy on all sorts of matters that they used to rely on their theistic religions for.

From past classes:

I have found an extraordinary group of students who I love spending hours with every week talking about philosophy. A couple of the courses have discussions that are so engrossing for all involved that we regularly decide on the spot to do an extra hour or two long session rather than stop. One of the groups gets along so well that a couple of times when class has already gone over time and been declared finished, we have still just decided to hang around continuing to talk on and on about non-course topics.

If you’d like to know more about Dr. Fincke’s qualifications and experience, it’s here: Classes and Counseling.

Class scheduling is happening now through mid-May, classes start in June or July. It starts with the attached Admission Survey, where you tell the Prof what classes you’re interested in, and when you can fit them in.