Hillary and Bernie and Joe, Oh My

Washington DCAll the Bernie supporters on my friends list, I honor your liking for your candidate, and I’m VERY GLAD he’s running. I’m glad he’s saying all the things he’s saying, and I’m glad there are people who love him. I truly feel he’s shifting the ground of discussion in the United States, and I love the direction it’s going.

But to me his candidacy has the feel of a mad, crazy pep rally for a team that can’t win. Look at the numbers. JOE BIDEN is passing Bernie nationally in this poll. And Biden is not even running, not even pretending to run.

Vice President Joe Biden has surpassed Bernie Sanders for second place in the democratic primary race according to a new nationwide poll from Monmouth University. Biden, despite not being a candidate and not running a campaign, now has twenty-two percent of the vote, edging past Sanders who is now in third place at twenty percent. Meanwhile frontrunner Hillary Clinton still retains forty-two percent, giving her a two-to-one margin over both potential competitors.

… the news may be troubling for Sanders, who despite being significantly behind nationally for the entire race, had up to now been able to point to momentum as the best thing going for his hopes.

… But it’s eye opening that at least one poll now lists upstart Bernie Sanders in third place, while suggesting that Joe Biden’s potential entry into the race wouldn’t negatively impact the massive nature of Hillary Clinton’s primary lead.

I’m not asking you to switch allegiances. I’m not asking you to love Hillary Clinton. I am asking you to think seriously about what you’ll do on Election Day.

If it’s not Bernie up there, I hope you’ll swallow your disappointment and vote. I hope you’ll understand that MOST of what you hear about Hillary — maybe most of what you THINK about her — is the result of 15 years of lies by FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, and every other lying mouthpiece on the right. A lot of that is pure misogyny — the real kind — just like the pure racism that Barack Obama has faced since he appeared on the national scene.

She’s a great candidate, she’ll make a good president. I’m convinced she’ll follow in Barack Obama’s footsteps and continue moving the country in a positive direction. I think she’ll be HISTORIC, just as Obama is historic.

And if nothing else, remind yourself that we can’t afford ANY of the rotten GOP demagogues now running to get into the White House. I’d like to see the whole sordid lot of Republicans swept out of Congress and sent back home to run tire stores or ambulance-chasing law offices.

Keep supporting Bernie. But don’t talk Hillary down. Support her at least enough not to spread the lies and hate. Hell, make an effort to see the good side of her, the good things she’s done, her strengths as a candidate. And if she’s the candidate chosen to run, VOTE FOR HER. I’ll bet Bernie Sanders will.

  • Ann Chapman

    I totally agree with everything you said.

  • Physicalist

    Yep, more than happy to support Hillary even though I like what Bernie stands for and want him as president.

  • Tete Rouge

    I’m sorry but Biden is such a sleaze ball he makes Duggar look normal

    • Raging Bee

      Elaborate please?

      • Tete Rouge

        Steph Carter is only one of many many women and children he has been photographed making very uncomfortable by his inappropriate touching and personal space invasion

        • Raging Bee

          That’s not much of an elaboration, and there’s no citation. Please try harder.

          • Tete Rouge

            Citation!! I’m referring to publicly available photographs you fucking moron. Here’s what a citation for a photograph look like ” “. Get your head out your arse and google it. There are dozens of public event photo’s available

          • Raging Bee

            Sorry, I’m not doing your research for you. You made the claim, you back it up.

  • Raging Bee

    Part of the problem here is that we’re not hearing what good Hillary has done. What examples do you have to offer?
    Also, many people have a problem with Hillary, not just because of what the wingnuts say about her, but because of her spineless, ineffectual response to all the attacks. She may be a decent and intelligent person, but she’s a lousy campaigner, and everything seems to catch her off-guard. Case in point: that damn private email server, which she never should have even considered using. When you get a job, either public or private, your organization routinely gives you an email account on THEIR OWN system, on your first day, and tells you in no uncertain terms that you’re to use that account for all job-related communication. Did the State Department not have an email system? There was no reason at all for the Secretary of State not to use her own agency’s IT resources for agency business; and now she’s fumbling all over the place trying to cope with the fallout from her totally unnecessary, and very suspicious-looking, actions.
    It’s really disgusting that, when the Republicans are set to nominate a complete idiot with no credibility and no accomplishments to boast of, the Democrats seem set to nominate the only person they can beat.

  • c2t2

    Word. Hillary and Bernie are about as good of candidates as are possible to have under the way the current system is set up. I won’t have to hold my nose when voting if either of them wins the nomination.

  • Pieter B

    I’m 70. I don’t want to die under the sort of system that the GOP would change this country to. You may have to, in your opinion, choose between the lesser of two evils. Yeah, I know it sucks, but the lesser of two evils is still less evil.

  • Brian Bowhan

    Agreed. I have every intention of voting for WHOMEVER wins the Democratic Primary and against WHATEVER gets spewed out of the GOP proccess.

  • MNb

    “She’s a great candidate, she’ll make a good president.”
    I disagree for various reasons. But I know what I won’t do on Election Day anyway, because I don’t have the American nationality.