Hey, Where’s Our Motorcycle Gang??

We DO want to fully engage society with the beautiful possibilities of atheism, right?

I just don’t see how we can do that without our own nationwide motorcycle club.












And if you DO do this, I demand to be a charter member!

Also, I’ll need a motorcycle.

Seriously, I think this would be a pretty cool thing to do. It could also get some serious publicity.

(BTW, this back-patch design is a rough approximation. There’s also a little something wonky in how the E in RidersĀ  came across when I converted my original to a jpeg. No idea why. Argh.)

  • Eden Mabee

    Cute, Hank! If motorcycles are required, can mine have a side-car? I’ve got that “my dad’s old Honda fell on top of me too many times when I was trying to learn to drive a motorcycle and therefore am squeamish about riding them” issues… šŸ˜‰

  • Norm Donnan

    Sounds cool only problem is youve got a seriously old bloke as a mascot,and what are you going to talk about when you meet up with another outlaw motorcycle gp,philosophy,religion ,same sex marriage,they will beat you up.

  • P.W1974

    I’m currently getting a MC together using your idea. There are only 5 of us right now. The patches are in but I had to make some changes. I’m using the name you came up with but I had to take out the picture of Darwin and substitute the more commonly used red A. Supposedly, according to the places I tried to get to make the patches, the image of Darwin was hard to embroider. It was difficult enough just trying to find a place willing to make patches for anything atheist related.

  • Brian Christian

    Well, it seems as it’s been a while since this all got started, but Now we are making it all come together. I just commissioned a full size back patch and have founded the Arizona Chapter. We need to know who are all of the current patch holders for the REASON RIDERS. I have been in contact with P. Walker and we are trying to work out the Club details and FB page. I would love to hear from any AZ riders.

  • Kevin Samuel Coleman

    How silly of us atheists to have this association of Darwin-deification with us. Cmon now, we need to look past someone who was likely a deist as our symbol of atheism. This shit is so cringeworthy.

  • Kevin Samuel Coleman

    Not to mention it makes no sense to put Darwin on there.