Brainwashing, Jesus … and Fascistic Creep

What better way to brainwash people than to stress them, exhaust them, force them to go without food and sleep? And THEN jump in with your message, the thing you want to force into their unresisting minds, when they’re at their most vulnerable?

I’m describing the brainwashing tactics of Stalin, or Mao Tse Tung, right?

No. I’m talking about U.S. Military chaplains. I’m talking about the brainwashing of U.S. soldiers to become Christians, and Christian evangelists. All of it paid for, by their own proud admission, by our government.

Here’s Maj. Jeff Struecker, Army Ranger School Chaplain in the video linked below:

It puts the student, the Ranger student, in the absolute worst possible condition. Most of ‘em will go a couple of days with no food. Some of ‘em have gone as long as 3 days without any sleep whatsoever.

My goal has been to meet them when they’re at their absolute worst. When they’re coldest, and the most tired, and the most hungry that they’re gonna be. Because the more difficult the circumstances, the more receptive the average person becomes to issues of faith.

Many of them are just confronted with the gospel for the first time with no distraction. And I think that’s part of the reason why a number of them will respond.

Cadence International, a “para-church” military ministry,  talks of its Strategic Ministry:

Shaken people are usually more ready to hear about God than those who are at ease, making them more responsive to the gospel.

Watch this nasty video at This Week in Christian Nationalism : “The Cult Tactics of Military Ministries and Military Chaplains.”

The video ends with this plea: “Please help the Military Religious Freedom Foundation stop the use of our U.S. armed forces as government-paid missionaries.”