Bibles! Innn! Spaaaaace!

Got an extra 5 grand? You could start the bidding on

the first ever “lunar Bible” — a little square sheet of microfilm, just an inch and a half on a side, carried to the lunar surface by astronaut Edgar Mitchell on Apollo 14 in February 1971.

It doesn’t seem to have a lot of holy power, seeing as how it barely made it to the moon. Its Holy Author first allowed a mistake on Apollo 12, leaving it in the orbiter rather than causing it to go to the actual moon, then allowed the catastrophe on Apollo 13, only getting it right the third time, with Apollo 14.

But hey! Bible. Moon. Wowsers! Wotta prize!

I’d feel better about the auction if the money was going to an actual astronaut, or the space program.

The really bad part is that you can only read the Looney Bible if you have Jesus’ microscopic super-vision.


Weird. There’s also this.