Beta Culture: Signs in the Heav … uh, News

I keep seeing news stories — a LOT of them — that spark this thought: Hey, that fits right in with the Beta Culture idea!

By which I mean it makes me think the time is ripe for creating a novel, independent, reason-based culture.

Here: Majority of Americans want a third party

Self-identified Democrats and Republicans were equally likely to see the need for a third party—49% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans said they saw the need for a third party—but a full 71% of Independents supported the idea of a third party.

Without knowing it, a lot of us want something new. But faced with either Option A or Option B, we either hold our noses and pick the one LEAST annoying, or we hold back and grumble at both.

Isn’t it time for Option C, the new direction, the new option that WE create?

Start with something. Anything. And then begin to build into it all the things we’d like to see. Maybe not everything is possible. And maybe after living in THIS culture, the one that’s killing us but that we are so familiar with, maybe we’ll have a hard time imagining better solutions.

But really, think about how utterly crazy some of the shit going on now is, and try to imagine the existing system — politics, government, religion, corporate business, social order, entertainment (hell, the news media!) — presenting us with any of the things we dream about in any near-term future.

When you keep getting the same result, you don’t continue with the same actions. You try something new, don’t you?

Time for some experimenting, seems to me.