Beta Culture: Listing of Posts

I’m due at a meeting of a new social group here in Schenectady, “The Sunday Alternative,” a Freethinkers Meetup group.

At a casual glance, it’s something along the lines of the “atheist churches” that seem to be springing up, with the reservation that the people involved here are not necessarily all atheists, and probably nobody involved likes to think what we’re doing is “church.”

But it’s something new, it’s somebody actually doing something, it’s practically within walking distance of my apartment, and it fits within my so-far-loose conception of Beta Culture.

My bit of Show and Tell for the group is this listing of posts on Beta. I know it’s ugly — I’ll come back and clean it up later. I just wanted to have something to show.

These are in chronological order rather than conceptual order, mostly because I haven’t worked out any sort of conceptual order just yet. I shotgun out a post at irregular intervals, and it’s whatever is in my mind at the time — maybe something basic and preliminary, maybe something a dozen steps down the road after the thing is well established.

This is not everything I’ve ever written on the subject. I’ve been writing about it since late 2010, and I also have several hundred pages of notes to turn into finished posts.


Feb 1, 2012
The Book of Good Living – Preface

Aug 2, 2012
First Person Revolutionary — Part 1

Aug 31, 2012
A Basic Motivation for Atheism+ … and for Beta Culture

Sept 2, 2012
Beta Culture: The Heart and Soul of American Ideals

Sept 18, 2012
Beta Culture: A Place to Stand, and People to Stand With

Sept 19, 2012
Beta Culture: Preliminary Musings

Oct 30, 2012
Beta Culture: Drowning Puppies So You Don’t Get Dogs

Dec 17, 2012
Connecticut Shooting: Warm Lies, Cold Truth, Free Minds

April 15, 2013
Beta Culture: A Community Nexus

April 21, 2013
Beta Culture: Bonsai Civilization and the Future of Humanity

April 22, 2013
Shoving Orphans Away From the Table

March 10, 2013
Beta Culture: Adrift in an Ocean of Lies

April 7, 2013
Beta Culture: Patheos Intro, Part 1
Beta Culture: Patheos Intro, Part 2
Beta Culture: Patheos Intro, Part 3

May 4, 2013
Beta Culture: 13 Early Questions

May 6, 2013
Beta Culture: Replies to Comments 1

May 8, 2013
Beta Culture: Big Funny Hats

April 23, 2013
Beta Culture: Earthman’s Journey – Part 1 of 8

May 9, 2013
Beta Culture: Never Doubt the Power of Religion

May 25, 2013
Beta Culture: Bridges and War and All Things Daft

Sept 1, 2013
Beta Culture: Self Defense in the Age of Fuck You

Sept 23, 2013 from Sept 3, 2012
Beta Culture: Don’t Teach the Controversy (repost)