Something I’ve been saying for years in private, and will now say again in public, is that I think humans, mostly, are not really very bright. I think we have what I call “fractional intelligence.” The rare Einstein or Newton pops up from the great mass of us and does something brilliant, but for the most part, we’re intellectual also-rans, riding on the coattails of the smart ones. And even the brightest among us don’t shine all the time.

Human intelligence is a sort of collaborative effort. I got a look at the plans for a horseshoe-making machine a few years back, something that was invented at the Burden Iron Works in Troy, New York. Continue reading “Argh.”

Sick Day

Ugh. Persistent sore throat. Headache. Tired and achy.

I had hoped to finish the short series on dealing with fear, with a post on dealing with the fears attendant on being an atheist.

But it ain’t happening today.

Back soon, I expect.

My bad.

Okay, that’s the last time I do that.

I thought I’d try posting all eight parts of Grizzly’s Gamble at once, but it turns out that wasn’t a good idea.

The site stats appear to show that a significant number of people are reading part 8 first, which is totally my fault. It IS stacked at the top of the screen, above the other parts.

The bad part, from both the readers’ and writer’s viewpoint, is that it dilutes the impact of the piece. It’s like giving away the ending of the movie before viewers watch the first part. “Oh, so Bruce Willis is dead, huh? And the gimmick is that Haley Joel Osment is the only one who can see him? Huh. I don’t know, what else is on?” And sure enough, some of the readers of part 8 didn’t read any farther.


His Master’s Voice

A majority of those responding to my Thoughts? Suggestions? Complaints? post seem to be okay with (or actually prefer) multi-part posts, so I’m going to continue them. As suggested, I will also add links at the beginning and end of each piece in a series, and will also indicate in the title how many total parts there are.

In addition, though, for those who like to read all the parts together —  and if time permits — I’ll try to repost the entire multi-part piece as a single long post.

I’ve been reminded that the 5th part of The Fate of Broken People has yet to show up, and … argh. I thought I’d posted it, but I now find it’s NOT posted, and only about 90 percent finished. I promise I’ll have it soon. The stitched-together followup will work well with this one, considering the time that’s passed since the first four parts.

Also still out there somewhere has been a piece on Free Will, an answer to a challenge from FTB fellow-blogger Camels With Hammers. Ditto on the “soon” promise.


And … Steve Jobs died? Damn.

Save Me, Sweet Baby Jesus, from Moving!

If you ever really want to curse someone, “May you have to move” would be a good one.

I’m moving from my little wild paradise, where I get to see things like this …

gray foxes
red foxes
whitetail deer
wild turkeys

and even this and this and this

all photographed right in my own back yard, not to mention this and this just a short stroll away …

… to a place in the city.

It’s a nice place, in the historic section of a historic eastern city (for instance, the bronze plaque on the front of my building dates the structure from 1824), plus there’s a statue of Larry the Christian Indian a half-block away (more about him later, I think) and a boatload of historic events and attractions, and I’m happy to be here.

But moving!

Moving everything you own, using a small pickup, with not much help, and to the third floor, up a narrow staircase!

Oh, please, never again!


BTW, that’s also why blog output has been limited lately. I’ll be back on the job soon, I promise.

— Meanwhile, do YOU have a recent moving story?

Launch Day: Welcome!

If you’re new to FreeThought Blogs, welcome!

If you’re new to Blue Collar Atheist, or to my writing, a double welcome!

Probably I should tell you something about me.

The Blogging Part

I’ve been at it for a bit, both as a blog reader and writer. I won the second-ever  Molly Award at PZ Myers’ Pharyngula (actually I was one of two people that month) for blog commentary, and was called a “master of metaphor” — along with less flattering names — along the way.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I usually write long. Whatever subject comes up, I want to explore it completely and explain it carefully, and the brief quip doesn’t work for me. What that means is that you probably won’t see the 5-posts-a-day that some bloggers manage (cough*PZMyersEdBrayton*cough), but I hope you’ll find worth reading the ones I do write.

For some of my characteristic posts, try these:
Kitten, Cat or Tiger – Part 1
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Kitten, Cat or Tiger – Part 3
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The Blue Collar Part Continue reading “Launch Day: Welcome!”